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30. Juni 2015

Salvador and its surroundings – Learning Journey Aug 6 to 21, 2015

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15 days where Brazil once started

Title Exp InterCultureBrazil began in Bahia. Up to 1763 Salvador, the City of Bahia, had been the capital of the „New World“. We will walk on the afrobrazilian traces  – which are shaped by more than oppression. It’s a history in which Africans and their descendants are actors: About Bamboshés, the wise men from Africa, about quilombos, the Republics of Africans who fled from slavery, the Revolta dos Malé, the uprising of the Alfaiates, the tailors, to strong women like Luiza Mahin, Maria Quitéria or sister Joana Angelica.
The modern Bahia has retained much of its magic and attracts countless tourists from around the world.

We invite you to change perspectives with us

On our journey we also encounter the modern history of Salvador : from the popular resistance towords the disintegration of the old town, from squatting and the legendary Cantina da Lua to the declaration as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Organizer Watutsi was not only a witness, but especially in the 70s and 80s, protagonist of this story.
BA HH brille mit BAWith him, we will experience how the majority of Black Brazilians (51% in Brazil, 75% in Bahia) is living and is committed to a better life:
for cultural identity, against religious intolerance, for inclusion and against Racism, for Ecology, still for housing as well as for healthy food – as self-employed and business owners, as Iyalorishás (priestesses of the Orisha tradition), as Masters of Capoeira, as restaurant owners or fashion designers, in neighborhood initiatives or associations, in culture or agriculture, at the universities … and in everyday life. We will meet them on our Learning Journey. Another goal is to initiate an exchange, feedback on our experiences, observations and ideas. If this becomes a starting point for more, collaborations are welcome.

After a week in the capital we are heading to Recôncavo, the backcountry that’s like a treasure chest to Salvador, and we take part in the traditional parade of black women in Cachoeira. In Arembepe we finally enjoy beachlife and Capoeira, and we can learn about turtles and palm groves.

map w offer  enJoin us on a unique journey into the Black culture in Brazil – AfroBahia is waiting for us.

Bahia – Inter-cultural experience Aug 6-21, 2015
History and Cultura Afro – Rich Hinterland – Beach and Ecosystem

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