Going Global DE

Willing or not,  more and more we are influenced by globalization.
We Germans live in a diverse culture and our companies are acting internationally since decades, but

There are various ambiguities …

  • Think globally, act locally“ has been a traditional green slogan of the 80s.
    Even it is even more valid in the 21st century – for some it turned into just empty words
  •  In contrast, I watch various people/companies acting globally, whereas their mindsets remain  local.
  • Germany reaches top ranking in exports of goods, while soft skills and understanding of others only recently could be seen as emerging
  • In daily business life one might perceive diverse antagonisms: men vs. women, young vs old, natives vs. foreigners …
    the inherent preference for homogenity hinders us from successfully dealing with diversity.
  • In my intercultural work German clients often ask „In order to work successfully with other cultures do I have to give up my identity?“
    Great misunderstanding, intercultural and global competence are about integrating the best ways.
  • This means, yes, some personal development and growing is welcome and no, of course not losing the essence of who you are.

… dealing with them, with shades and tonalities is the current challenge.

Going global DE supports you in developing your global competences, in changing perspectives and gaining more understanding of self and others.

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Petra Sorge dos Santos


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