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„10.000 Girls“ a self-sufficiency program in Senegal

viola-w-dolls-kAfrican American grandmother Viola Vaughn suddenly had to home-school her granddaughters in Senegal. When a 9year-old native asked her „Will you teach me?“ an outstanding initiative started. The school dropouts soon became 20, then 80 girls … who formerly failed in school was soon enabled to teach others. Then they started to want more: Their aim is to reach 10.000 Girls.
It’s a gender issue, because especially girls have to help their parents already at an  early age.  When their elder sisters started to join them the project gained a business component. Baking cakes enabled them to buy books.  Sewing Dolls is the current  export of the young female entrepeneurs.
Viola Vaughn was awarded CNN Hero 2008

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